About Us

We support your filming here in Hiroshima.

The city of Hiroshima is called a "City of Water." Six rivers flow through the city center into the tranquil Seto Inland Sea. Along with the rivers and the sea, many other features such as mountains and the urban area are compactly located.
People are filming friendly and enjoy participating in filming as extras.
We would like to welcome filmmakers to Hiroshima.


Our Services

Hiroshima Film Commission provides the following services to make your filming in Hiroshima easy. Your requests are welcome with the project plan and rough schedules.

  • Consultations related to filming
  • Location introduction
  • Arrangement for permission for filming
  • Guiding you to locations, scouting and scenario inspiration
  • Introduction of film related agencies including accommodations. There is an open location set "Mirokuno-sato" (Edo-period 17c-19c setting), air shooting companies, equipment rental companies etc.
  • Recruiting extras and Publicity support